$125 For Three [small] Fish…Plus Gas

You might think we were fishing for gold-encrusted fish!  Although prices keep going up at the grocery store, I would never pay $125 for two lazy kokanee and a spirited rainbow trout.  But, when I’m fishing, every fish caught is like gold, especially when fishing in August.  With the warm temperatures, fish generally tend to stay a bit lower where the water is cooler, unless it’s a young kokanee who doesn’t know any better and fancies the look of my hook.

So what’s with the $125?  Just the cost for the convenience of renting a boat for 24 hours at Canim Lake.  We ventured out to a spectacular little place called Rainbow Resort.  Just east of 100 Mile House in British Columbia, this quiet little resort has cabins and campsites available, most located right at the edge of Canim Lake. Continue reading

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Add a Little Spring to Your Step

There is something about spring that makes me feel so alive.  I think it does for many people, especially those of us that just went through what felt like the longest winter EVER.

The last couple of weeks have been filled with exploring provincial and national parks just east of Edmonton, Alberta.  If you haven’t yet been to Elk Island Park or the Cooking Lake – Blackfoot  Provincial Provincial Recreation Area, I highly recommend exploring the area.  Both parks are about 30 minutes east of Sherwood Park via Highway 16.  Although that is the quickest route to get to either park, there are a number of secondary highways that will get you there as well. Continue reading

Oh Spring, Where Art Thou?

I saw the funniest photo meme the other day. It was a missing person’s report for Mother Nature.  With the colder than average temperatures we have been experiencing of late, we are ALL searching for this bi-polar, apparently missing, nature adventuress. So I ask you Mother Nature, if you are indeed found, can you explain what the hell is up with this weather?  Are you going to fake us out yet again with some “spring-like” weather and then go on a bender and let good old Jack Frost have his way again??

Seriously enough is enough. Continue reading

What I’m Grateful for after 50 Rotations Around the Sun

Having reached the half-century mark there’s a lot I’ve learned over the years. And there is a lot to be grateful for. Let’s face it – there are days when it seems like the world is going to hell in a hand-basket. Everything seems so rushed, so immediate, so quick to judge – in this dopamine filled world, how often do we sit back and take a moment to reflect, to smell the flowers, to see the beauty that continually surrounds us in the midst of chaos. I thought it was time to reflect on what I am truly grateful for.

Continue reading

In Servitude to Cats (and why we love it)

Oh kitties…those sweet little monsters that deign to give us attention at their pleasure, not ours. Why do we try so hard to please our little four-legged companions? We get them a comfy bed they don’t use, toys they don’t play with and healthy food they won’t eat. We spend all this time and effort trying to please them when they seem perfectly happy with a box from Costco, a string from an old pair of sweatpants and kitty junk food. Continue reading

5 Awesome Trails to Hike in B.C.

It’s March in Alberta and you know what that means – we are still knee deep in snow. I do enjoy the winter season, however, now that spring is right around the corner, so is summer! And that means heading out to British Columbia’s Shuswap Lake region for some excellent hiking.

There are so many trails to choose from whether it be a short stroll along the shoreline in Salmon Arm or a challenging climb to the top of McArthur Heights. There is a hike for everyone, with varying distances and difficulty levels. With any hike, you will find yourself immersed in nature, with bird calls for music and serenity for your soul. Continue reading

Lake Fishing – Inspiration for Meditation

“Where there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt.”            ~ St. Francis De Soles

I’ve been a fan of meditation for a few years now. Although it took me awhile to get to that peaceful meditative state, it wasn’t until I discovered guided meditation that I really understood the value of clearing my mind and allowing the soothing voice of the orator to guide me to a restful state. Continue reading