Traveling Germany – Part One

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Errr…no…I mean nein!

Okay, I’m not quite that illiterate in German. Thankfully it’s pretty easy to get around Germany as English is widely spoken. That being said, I do try to communicate in German as much as possible while in-country, often to the hilarity of the various residents I encounter. Quite often, when I have thoroughly mangled what I am trying to say and give up in frustration, I ask “Sprechen Sie English?” A common response is, “Yes, I speak perfect English”. I have seen more stifled laughs than you can imagine – all in good humour. Continue reading

Bokeh Photography – The Softer Side

The word “bokeh” is of Japanese origin and translates to “blur” or “haze”. In photography, bokeh refers to the aesthetic quality of the blur presented in the out of focus aspects of an image.

This post is not to instruct on how to produce bokeh images, but rather to speak to the soft and somewhat dreamy quality some images have, and the emotions they evoke.

I don’t always aim for reality in my photographs. A greater part of my photography passion is trying to capture my interpretation of the world and how I choose to see it. We see enough reality in the news and everyday life and everyone’s perspective is unique.  Continue reading

Swan Song of Summer

Trumpeter Swan, Elk Island Park, Alberta


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.                 ~ Albert Einstein

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. It is a time of reflection, preparation and gratitude. Reflecting on the passing of summer, recent vacations and the lovely long days of sunshine. It is a time of gratitude for the harvest of ripe vegetables, the riot of vibrant colors and the crunch of leaves underfoot. It is a time for preparation for the coming winter, the goblins of Halloween and the warmth of the Christmas season. Continue reading

Mid-Life Crisis Anyone?

Bad Hair Day!

I had my mid-life crisis early at the tender age of 29. Was it that I was dreading the big 3-0? Not really. I had been doing a lot of traveling and a recent trip to Club Med, Cancun got me thinking that maybe I should do something fun instead of working my way up the corporate ladder. Yes, I had a great job, had received several promotions and was involved in special projects from time to time, but it just wasn’t enough. I decided to apply to Club Med to work in one of their resorts. While I was waiting for my response (it was all snail mail in those days), I booked a trip to New York to catch up with some new friends I had recently met in Cancun. Just before I left for New York, I received my “Dear John” letter advising that I did not have the right qualifications. Apparently one needs a college degree to work at Club Med, even in the gift shop! Continue reading