Why Taking a Drive in the Country is Good for the Soul

We do not remember days, we remember moments.  

~ Cesare Pavese

For those of us that live in the city, you generally need to drive with eyes in the back of your head. Traveling the back roads through the prairies of Alberta gives the promise of freedom and the ability to breathe in the scenery in a somewhat more relaxed mode. In the prairies, we have the privilege of seeing all four corners of the sky at once. Rolling hills dotted with forest, prairie, cattle, horses, rivers and blue sky is what Alberta holds for an afternoon jaunt. Continue reading

Traveling Germany – Part Three

Shut the Front Door!

Have you ever noticed when traveling through Germany or Europe in general, how amazingly intricate and beautiful the doors are? It’s certainly not limited to churches or museums. An afternoon stroll can extend for hours when you take the time to notice, and yes, photograph the variety of doors to behold.

In part two of this series, we enjoyed herring sandwiches along the North Sea. Now it was time to head inland, south to Osnabrück and Koblenz. Continue reading

Farewell Sammie

Yesterday I said goodbye to my companion of 17.5 years.  While I grieve the loss of my beloved Sammie, I take solace in that letting him go, I am giving him a final gift of peace.  He no longer has to suffer through severe arthritis nor kidney failure. Instead, he is free of pain and in a place of peace and love. Continue reading

Traveling Germany – Part Two

Pickled Herring Sandwich?

Ok, before your form your opinion on pickled herring sandwiches – Denmark has red hot dogs, Switzerland has chocolate and Germans like to pickle things…lots of things, and they do a damn fine job of it. If you happen to find yourself driving around the coastal towns along the North Sea, look for the small mobile sandwich huts and grab some pickled herring on a bun. I promise, they are delicious!

We left part one of this series visiting the land of storks in Hansestadt Werben. Continuing north, after a quick overnight stop outside of Brandenburg, we traveled through majestic, tree-lined cobble roads, crossed the Elbe River by ferry, and arrived in Wittenberge. 

A small cemetery outside of Wittenberge, surrounded by poppy fields is where my Dad’s grandparents were buried. Continue reading