Taking Action

Just jump already!

Those fine words of wisdom were spoken to me by a 10 year old kid as I was standing paralyzed at the top of a 15 foot diving board. Easy for him to say! Looking at the long line of impatient kids waiting for their turn, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and jumped. Was it fun? Yes, in a scary way. Did I race back up for a second go at it? Nope – I had reached my own “finished line”. I did it and once was enough. I am scared of heights after all.

Isn’t that the way of things in life? Just jump. Just do it. It sounds easy enough, right? It’s our fears that hold us back from taking those leaps of faith. Fear of injury, whether physical or emotional. Fear of failure. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of the finish line. Continue reading

My Preference – Portugal!


“You eat…you pay”

Ok, so those little dishes of olives, cheese and bread that they bring out before your meal without comment aren’t free???

Apparently not and unless you ask or know of this fairly common standard when eating out in Portugal, you definitely do pay if you choose to eat those tasty little morsels.

Portugal is a beautiful country to explore, shop, sightsee, photograph, eat and drink wine… lots of fabulous wine. A medium bottle of wine from the Douro Valley is a measly 2 euros, while a great bottle of wine will cost you just under 5 euros. Not a bad deal when you are looking forward to spending an evening on your deck, with some local tapas and a good book. Continue reading

What’s on YOUR Bucket List?

What is it about bucket lists that makes us think we can only do them when we know our time on earth is coming to an end. We all know that last day is coming for us sooner or later. What if instead, we made it our goal to complete one or more of the items on the list each year, or each month? Do bucket list items have to be something that takes a huge amount of time, courage or money? Or can they be small things that you’ve never quite gotten around to but mean to do “one of these days”. What about today? Is there something on your bucket list you can do today, this week or this month? Continue reading