$125 For Three [small] Fish…Plus Gas

You might think we were fishing for gold-encrusted fish!  Although prices keep going up at the grocery store, I would never pay $125 for two lazy kokanee and a spirited rainbow trout.  But, when I’m fishing, every fish caught is like gold, especially when fishing in August.  With the warm temperatures, fish generally tend to stay a bit lower where the water is cooler, unless it’s a young kokanee who doesn’t know any better and fancies the look of my hook.

So what’s with the $125?  Just the cost for the convenience of renting a boat for 24 hours at Canim Lake.  We ventured out to a spectacular little place called Rainbow Resort.  Just east of 100 Mile House in British Columbia, this quiet little resort has cabins and campsites available, most located right at the edge of Canim Lake. Continue reading