$125 For Three [small] Fish…Plus Gas

You might think we were fishing for gold-encrusted fish!  Although prices keep going up at the grocery store, I would never pay $125 for two lazy kokanee and a spirited rainbow trout.  But, when I’m fishing, every fish caught is like gold, especially when fishing in August.  With the warm temperatures, fish generally tend to stay a bit lower where the water is cooler, unless it’s a young kokanee who doesn’t know any better and fancies the look of my hook.

So what’s with the $125?  Just the cost for the convenience of renting a boat for 24 hours at Canim Lake.  We ventured out to a spectacular little place called Rainbow Resort.  Just east of 100 Mile House in British Columbia, this quiet little resort has cabins and campsites available, most located right at the edge of Canim Lake.

Booking a tent site sight-unseen and actually seeing the site were two different things, in the best way possible.  Our site was perfect.  Facing east, with a view down the length of the lake was more than we hoped for.  The icing on the cake was no cell coverage…nada. Wifi was available if you went to the resort office but really, coming out here to disconnect is what it was truly all about.

Getting the tents set up was pretty straight forward, for one tent anyways. The other tent required an engineering degree to decipher the assembly instructions. So maybe all the pieces didn’t get into the assembled tent, but it did the job as required.

The evening called for a bit of fishing, just to see what was out there.  As the resort was close to one end of the lake, we ventured out to check out the cove and get our bearings for fishing the next day. The scenery at Canim Lake is stunning! With hills on all sides, it appeared to be carved out of the landscape. There was no need for music here, the blissful silence broken occasionally by one of the many loons occupying the lake.  That evening, my camera got more of a workout than our fishing lines.  Skunked on our first trip out, we hoped for better fishing the next day.

Dawn brought forth a ruby red sun. Forest fire smoke from one of the many burning in B.C. blew in overnight casting an ethereal blanket across the lake. Refreshed from a magnificent sleep, and undeterred by the smoke, we went out for some morning fishing, and of course, photography. The lake was eerily quiet but for the haunting calls of the loons. It appeared we set out on the lake at the right time – the fish were feeding. In short order we had a kokanee and rainbow trout in the boat.  Given that there were three of us on this little adventure, we still needed one more fish for an appropriate sized dinner. 

Feeding time was short and over quickly, the only activity over the next two hours was the shutter on my camera. Venturing out a bit later in the day again, we managed to catch our third and final fish.

The smell of fresh caught fish being pan-fried outdoors sets a tummy to growling and the mouth watering. When combined with fried potatoes, the anticipation of a delicious meal is glorious. Following this oh-so-tasty dinner, it was time to play some cards and donate blood.  Say what? With the campfire ban in place, and without the heat and smoke of aforementioned campfire to keep them away, the mosquitos were in their glory – so many blood donors, so little time.

The next morning was still a bit smoky, producing a beautiful sunrise once again – alas it was time to pack up and head home.

These two short days spent at Canim Lake were peaceful, rejuvenating and above all, fun. I wouldn’t hesitate to go Rainbow Resort again for a longer stay.  Along with the view, the wildlife, and the experience, the resort hosts are fantastic, making this a repeat destination in the future. Oh and did I mention, as an added bonus, the resort also has hot showers and flush toilets.  Not quite glamping but close enough.

So were the fish really worth $125? Perhaps not, but it wasn’t all about catching fish in the end…it was about spending time with family and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

That is pure gold.

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One thought on “$125 For Three [small] Fish…Plus Gas

  1. Hi Alex…. enjoyed your write up and photos….
    It’s Linda from Kamloops to Calgary plane ride.
    I had an overnight in Toronto airport so am playing catch up on my sleep.
    Happy thanksgiving,would be great to keep in touch.

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