In Servitude to Cats (and why we love it)

Oh kitties…those sweet little monsters that deign to give us attention at their pleasure, not ours. Why do we try so hard to please our little four-legged companions? We get them a comfy bed they don’t use, toys they don’t play with and healthy food they won’t eat. We spend all this time and effort trying to please them when they seem perfectly happy with a box from Costco, a string from an old pair of sweatpants and kitty junk food. Continue reading

Farewell Sammie

Yesterday I said goodbye to my companion of 17.5 years.  While I grieve the loss of my beloved Sammie, I take solace in that letting him go, I am giving him a final gift of peace.  He no longer has to suffer through severe arthritis nor kidney failure. Instead, he is free of pain and in a place of peace and love. Continue reading