Bokeh Photography – The Softer Side

The word “bokeh” is of Japanese origin and translates to “blur” or “haze”. In photography, bokeh refers to the aesthetic quality of the blur presented in the out of focus aspects of an image.

This post is not to instruct on how to produce bokeh images, but rather to speak to the soft and somewhat dreamy quality some images have, and the emotions they evoke.

I don’t always aim for reality in my photographs. A greater part of my photography passion is trying to capture my interpretation of the world and how I choose to see it. We see enough reality in the news and everyday life and everyone’s perspective is unique.  Continue reading

Let’s Talk Photography

I love taking pictures!

Great photos inspire actions, evoke emotion and allow one to constantly revisit special moments in time. I have had my share of good cameras, crappy cameras and the occasional disposable for unique situations like underwater pictures and weekend ski hill jaunts. Back in the day, before digital cameras, a disposable camera was the inexpensive go-to for a quick trip to the ski hill or heading south for some snorkeling. Of course, I didn’t get the instant gratification that I now enjoy with the digital era and I had to be selective with my shots…none of this “take ten and pick the best one” – you only had so many photos available with disposable film cameras!   Continue reading