Mid-Life Crisis Anyone?

Bad Hair Day!

I had my mid-life crisis early at the tender age of 29. Was it that I was dreading the big 3-0? Not really. I had been doing a lot of traveling and a recent trip to Club Med, Cancun got me thinking that maybe I should do something fun instead of working my way up the corporate ladder. Yes, I had a great job, had received several promotions and was involved in special projects from time to time, but it just wasn’t enough. I decided to apply to Club Med to work in one of their resorts. While I was waiting for my response (it was all snail mail in those days), I booked a trip to New York to catch up with some new friends I had recently met in Cancun. Just before I left for New York, I received my “Dear John” letter advising that I did not have the right qualifications. Apparently one needs a college degree to work at Club Med, even in the gift shop! Continue reading

So why am I here?

There’s the question of the day!  I’ve always loved writing and taking pictures but I tend to keep it to myself until one day I decided that I want to share some of tidbits, experiences and wisdom(?) I’ve gathered along the way.  As you will see, I LOVE taking pictures. Whether I’m traveling abroad or in-country, out on a day jaunt, or just hanging out with my kitties, there’s always something to photograph.

So I invite you to hang out with me, there might just be something interesting coming your way.