Lake Fishing – Inspiration for Meditation

“Where there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt.”            ~ St. Francis De Soles

I’ve been a fan of meditation for a few years now. Although it took me awhile to get to that peaceful meditative state, it wasn’t until I discovered guided meditation that I really understood the value of clearing my mind and allowing the soothing voice of the orator to guide me to a restful state.

Hyas Lake

In two of my favourite guided meditations, the orator invites me to envision myself in a boat on a lake. Inevitably I always envision my two favourite fishing lakes – Hyas Lake and Nisconlith Lake. These two lakes, located in B.C.’s Thompson-Okanagan region are  accessible via logging roads and are nestled in amongst tall trees, marshes, pebble lined beaches and silence…golden silence.

Nisconlith Lake

I started fishing late in life, heading out with my Dad, who is an avid fisherman. Before long I was hooked, and so were some fish! Every visit with my Dad always involves at least one fishing trip and I treasure every one of them. Being out on the lake is so utterly peaceful. In tune with nature, with the wind at my back, the sun on my face and quiet in my soul – these are rare moments that stay fresh in my memory. That being said, there are bursts of excitement when I feel a quick tug on the line, knowing that a fish has taken the bait. I’ve lost a few and thrown back some small fish to live longer lives, but I have been able to earn my dinner a time or two.

I have seen so many amazing acts of nature while out on the lake. I’ve watched a merlin chasing a dragonfly only to see the dragonfly do a last minute course correction, robbing the merlin of his early morning snack. I’ve seen bald eagles and osprey circling above waiting for the opportune moment to dive for fish. I’ve watched dragonflies circle in curiosity, finally deciding to land and rest for a bit in a safe place.

My lake fishing adventures are my inspiration for my meditations as they take me back to the peaceful lake, the sunshine, the clear water, nature and family.


Thank you Dad, for our past fishing adventures and the ones to come.

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