In Servitude to Cats (and why we love it)

Oh kitties…those sweet little monsters that deign to give us attention at their pleasure, not ours. Why do we try so hard to please our little four-legged companions? We get them a comfy bed they don’t use, toys they don’t play with and healthy food they won’t eat. We spend all this time and effort trying to please them when they seem perfectly happy with a box from Costco, a string from an old pair of sweatpants and kitty junk food.

I’ve had kitty companions for the better part of 20 years and in the end, I’ve discovered that they are glad to see me when I get home – oh wait, that’s dinner time, cuddle with me at night for warmth (theirs, not mine) and do a crazy jumping bean chase after a string for entertainment (sigh, my entertainment – not theirs). They think that counters and tables are the best place to have a nap and believe that the faucet runs forever just for them to stare at and take the occasional drink.

Let’s face it, if you are the “parent” of a fickle feline, you get home and make a bee-line to your cat to greet them. That’s right, you go to them. They don’t meet you at the door all wiggly-bummed and excited to see you. It’s just not their way of doing things. But do we complain? No, we just take it in stride.

These independent creatures show love in their own way and when they do, its pure heaven – most of the time anyways. They demonstrate their affection through purring and kneading when they cuddle in close, drooling when you scratch them in just the right spot and then giving you the dreamy love-bug eyes. Oh, and don’t forget the highest respect of all – you wake up with their bum in your face. Why? Because they’re cats.

So with all this independence and attitude, would I trade my kitties for a dog. Hey, nothing against dogs, but not in a million years. Nope, I will continue trying to please my cats with new toys, food they might like, lots of love and a home forever. Sorry pups, but my cats have my heart and obviously, my eternal servitude.

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