Oh Spring, Where Art Thou?

I saw the funniest photo meme the other day. It was a missing person’s report for Mother Nature.  With the colder than average temperatures we have been experiencing of late, we are ALL searching for this bi-polar, apparently missing, nature adventuress. So I ask you Mother Nature, if you are indeed found, can you explain what the hell is up with this weather?  Are you going to fake us out yet again with some “spring-like” weather and then go on a bender and let good old Jack Frost have his way again??

Seriously enough is enough.

Rather than continuing to rant on Mother Nature, I thought it was time to do a bit of research to see what the historical weather conditions were for April 7th & 8th, in northern Alberta, more specifically, in Edmonton.

I started with 2008 and worked my way forward using the temperature at high noon for those two days for consistency. Granted, the temperatures have been warmer but…it’s also been colder.  Say what? Ok, only once – in 2013 and only on April 8th.  So yes, it does look like we are getting a kick to the sack however, it is warming up over the next few days.

Right…said the optimist with the rose colored glasses…

So if this is indeed the last day of sub-zero temperatures, what can one do to send Jack Frost merrily on his way? Aside from using a choice middle finger salute, I say lets get in his face.

  • Head out for a run or walk
  • Build a snowman – hey we just got fresh snow last night, may as well use it!
  • Find some open space and strap on those snowshoes or cross-country skis
  • Decide on your garden plans for the spring
  • Head into the ravine and feed the chickadees
  • Get that BBQ going for an afternoon grill
  • Head out for a drive with your camera to catch the “last” wintry scenes of the season


So what is today’s anticipated high noon temperature?

A balmy -5C.


At least the sun is shining.



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One thought on “Oh Spring, Where Art Thou?

  1. could not have said it better myself, nice picture of the barn though, spring has been slow in arriving in southern BC as well and there is still snow in the garden, however the scent of burning leaves is in the air.

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