Add a Little Spring to Your Step

There is something about spring that makes me feel so alive.  I think it does for many people, especially those of us that just went through what felt like the longest winter EVER.

The last couple of weeks have been filled with exploring provincial and national parks just east of Edmonton, Alberta.  If you haven’t yet been to Elk Island Park or the Cooking Lake – Blackfoot  Provincial Provincial Recreation Area, I highly recommend exploring the area.  Both parks are about 30 minutes east of Sherwood Park via Highway 16.  Although that is the quickest route to get to either park, there are a number of secondary highways that will get you there as well. Continue reading

Lake Fishing – Inspiration for Meditation

“Where there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt.”            ~ St. Francis De Soles

I’ve been a fan of meditation for a few years now. Although it took me awhile to get to that peaceful meditative state, it wasn’t until I discovered guided meditation that I really understood the value of clearing my mind and allowing the soothing voice of the orator to guide me to a restful state. Continue reading